Our REWIND posts are where we show you how Pronto Bond can make a fabric crafting project faster, easier, less messy and more fun. We love creative upcycling projects, and this CD COASTER idea is just wonderful. You get super cute results AND a great way to upcycle your old CDs & DVDs that are collecting dust. Amanda shows us that these are easy to make, no sew and super practical!
Here are the steps involved:

REWIND:  Now, imagine using Pronto Bond instead.  All the messy steps…eliminated!  Plus, Pronto Bond fabric bonding sheets seal the edges of the fabric, so your project is fray free. AND…Pronto Bond adds a just the right amount of cushion and moisture-absorption to your coasters. Bonus:  Pronto Bond is made with recycled content, so it is truly in the spirit of creative upcycling!


P.S.  Visit Crafts By Amanda for more on these cute and colorful Cd Coasters!

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